about the brand

Made in and inspired by Mauritius, Ode A Toi celebrates the art of self-care and the connections we nurture with those dear to us. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted, with every ingredient chosen thoughtfully.

We source plants exclusive to our island, harnessing the essence of special sugars extracted from sugarcane, and collecting sea salt from our pristine shores, sun-dried to perfection. Our process is guided by nature's wisdom, honouring the Earth's rhythms and Mauritius' nature.

We select ingredients intuitively and creatively, ensuring each product is imbued with a potent blend of active components. Some formulations feature crystal infusions, harnessing their healing energies and transformative properties.

In this way, Ode A Toi offers more than mere skincare—it embodies mindful craftsmanship and celebrates the natural world's abundance.

woman (and mother) owned

no animal testing

plant based

Meet ouR Founder, Pauline

I was born on the island and have lived here all of my life. There is something special about Mauritius – a slower pace, a deeper connection with nature and an appreciation for the gifts it offers, from the depths of the ocean to the beauty within the soil. It is a very simple way of living and I find moments of peace growing plants in my garden, writing poetry and creating skincare in the traditional fashion. Each indulgent slice of island life is created by hand in small batches with consideration and care, sent all around the world, offering an Ode A Toi and a tropical moment to women everywhere.


For me, it’s creating these mindful rituals and precious moments that hold the most magic, finding joy in the simple things and being inspired by the surroundings. My life is about sustainability and slow living, soaking up every slow second of island life. Ode a Toi is about sharing this island ethos and creating a sense of sisterhood and an appreciation of natural skincare, adding brightness and beauty everywhere.

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